Making Money Online


Making Money Online

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to share with you a bit about making money, as opposed to making cider as we discussed before.  As with many aspects of life, things have changed considerably over the years regarding generating and adding to the ever-diminishing pot of household income.  Yet while the traditional way of earning money - by offering oneself to the nine-to-five treadmill - will always be available to us (at least until we’re replaced by machines that is), the spread of online alternatives now available is phenomenal, particularly when you consider the miracle of YouTube. 

As time goes on, more and more people are realizing that their skills can be marketed and utilized online with just as much success as what is generally referred to as a ‘real job’.  Those without specific skills are not allowing it to become an obstacle, and instead they are getting themselves online, taking courses, following instructional articles or video tutorials, the likes of which gargantuan websites such as YouTube play a huge part in their growth and success.  

It’s a common misconception that people naturally assume that to be an online worker, you need to be some kind of computer geek or technical guru, like a coder or software engineer or a web designer. While some people do make a living that way and are very successful, it’s not always the case. 

In fact, not all people do one specific job online all of the time.  It isn’t entirely necessary after all.  If you think about it, a lot of the jobs people have in the ‘real world’ an also can also be achieved online: anything from accounting and writing/editing/proof-reading to teaching English and completing surveys. 

Online earning

Obviously, I’m not talking about the thousands of highly-colourful dressed-up websites that boast and push amazing money-making opportunities with reams of images showing sports cars and yachts and bold quotes by someone claiming to have made half a million in their first month.  These sites serve only to give the world of online earning a bad name. But it is possible to make money online. What’s important to understand is that the real ways to make money online are NOT get-rich-quick schemes.

Being Prepared

What is essential though is keeping yourself in check and staying ahead of the game.  It's a good idea to get a head start by buying second hand books online, to give you a good insight into the benefits and pitfalls.  For anyone working online, the working domain is as crucial to set up correctly and maintain.  A comfortable, quiet, relaxing and inspiring work environment is absolutely essential to maintain productivity.  Just as essential is the need for a good, well configured computer or laptop that is regularly backed up (and the backups are backed up) along with a solid, reliable internet connection that’s consistent.

In the fast-moving ever-evolving world we live in, to stay competitive it’s paramount at your knowledge and skills are constantly updated.  You simply can’t afford to stop learning.  Keeping abreast of industry news and updates as well as keeping yourself as current as you can – by brushing up your skills or taking extra courses if need be - will only serve to keep you competitive and in demand.  


Self-discipline, time-management and maintaining your professionalism are also crucial.  This is not as easy as it sounds however, and something that a lot of people really struggle with.  Working online isn’t for everyone of course.  For many online workers, this often means working from home, which also means that you’re not under surveillance or restricted by office hours.  It may be that working   It may be that working at 3am while sitting around in your underpants with your headphones on listening to thrash metal at full volume is the way for you, but it still helps to govern yourself, set goals, push yourself to achieve them and strive for continuous improvement. 


Right, so here’s a brief run down of some of the ways to make money online, in no particular order:


Making money online


The list goes on of course but if you’re considering moving over to the world of online work you’ll need to do your research, plan ahead, set some goals, and make it happen. Good luck folks!  Until next time..